H4 approval sent to prev address, visa stamping ?


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My wife\'s H-4 approval was sent to my prev address.(Processed through CSC)
I have recieved my H1 approval, since it came to my employer office.
The H4 and H1 were approved and mailed on 03/11/02 . My attorney has sent 2-3 faxes to INS and I apoke to INS they told me to file I-824 to get a duplicate copy of it.

My wife needs to travel to India in July. Attorney has suggested to send the passports for stamping along with my passport and my H1 approval.
Also for my wife he is sending the original reciepts of I-539 and I-824.

Please let me know can we get H4 Visa stamping based on reciepts of I-539 and I-824. Has anyone ever experience such a problem where the H-4 pproval was sent to prev address and after how long they recieved it to the new address