H1b while 485 petition is pending


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My situation is kind of weird.
My 485 petition is pending (family-based). However, I am thinking to get married and want to get GC for my wife as well. Then going through Eb2 will be much faster. But I have a couple of questions:

1. What would happen to the old petition after I get married? I filed I-485 as a single child (over 21) of US citizen, so I was in F1 category. If I get married, would the old petition voids automatically?

2. My employer applied H1b for me and I just got notice that says I won the lottery. However, since I have the 485 petition pending (including EAD and AP), how would it affect my status in the US? Will I be able to leave the country after October 1st to get H1b visa in my home country and come back?

3. The company will proceed the process for GC for me (EB-2). I wonder if it may affect my application when I file I-485 again?

Thank you very much. All answer will be appreciated.