H1B Visa & i94 expired, options on coming back to the US ?


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I graduated from a US university in May 2018. Worked on OPT for a year. I got my H1B Visa approved in the following year i.e, 29 Oct 2019. I had also stamped my H1B Visa in Jan 2020. My H1B Visa & i94 expired on the same day (28 Oct 2020) with the end of my Project/Contract. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my H1B extended or transferred due to the prevailing situation at the time like Wage level increase, lack of jobs etc. Currently I am in India (I was out of status and I moved back Nov 1st week)

What are the options available for me to get back to the US ? Could you suggest me a way out ?

Any inputs will be highly appreciated.

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