H1B transfered from vermont to nebraska


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Hi everybody

my fresh H1B processing was transferred on 15 Aug from VERMORNT to Nabraska service center and my current status shows your H1B was received for processing in Nebraska on August 7 ,2006 how long does it take to get approval at this time?

Fresh H1B
regular processing
received date 4 May 06
Receipt notice 11 May 06

Now a days on Uscis website shows processing date is 19 May.....And vermont shows 30 April...so my H1 is processing according to vermont date or nebraska....or H1 is rejected...or if my H1 is approved then after how many days uscis updates individual dates....or is somebody got H1 approval like this condition....

somebody help me out with information please, or somebody in the same case like me?

thank you


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transferred to Nebraska from vermont

recieved date: May 3rd
Notice date: May 10
SVC: Vermont
Transferred to: Nebraska on Aug 1st.
Notice Date: Aug 8th

It is Sept 11th, but no decision has been made yet. NE is processing May 4th now. Any idea how longer it may take?


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180 days

I just read past forum, the message said he was transfer on July 2005 to Nebraska center and he was still waiting until Jan 2006. The thread was ended on that message, I don't know if he was approved or not. But the point was the range of months between July 2005 to Jan 2006....

It's too long to wait without knowing the result of your approval.

Any updates guys !



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H-1 Transferred to Nebraska

My sisters case was also transfered to Nebraska on Aug 10t, 2006. Her initial date at Vermont was May 10th, 2006. My sister is waiting in Sri Lanka for her H-1. She needs to start work on Oct 6th. Does anybody knows what's going on. Any suggestions


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Should we apply for Premium processing

I heard somebody who had a May 10th receipt date rcvd the approval after converting to Premium processing on Sep 21st.

Receipt date: May 9th
Transferred to NE: Aug 10th
Applied for premium processing on sep 21st
Case approved on sep 25th.

Hi I got approval on 26 Sept.My EAC 162. Moved from Vermount to NE on Aug 1 and notice reciept mail I recieved on 7. I hope every one will get it soon. Best of Luck.

I am a spectator for all this time I am contributing some info now.

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nat123 said:
Hi I got approval on 26 Sept.My EAC 162. Moved from Vermount to NE on Aug 1 and notice reciept mail I recieved on 7. I hope every one will get it soon. Best of Luck.

I am a spectator for all this time I am contributing some info now.

Can u give some details plz...like ur visa process was normal process or primium process


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H1 Approved

My H1B got approved on September 29th.
Receipt Date: May 10th
Trasnferred to NE on: Aug 7th

I hope everyone gets their h1b within couple days.
Does anyone know how does it take to get the approval notice on hand??


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congradulation venezia...

my receipt date is 11 May ... transfered to NE on 7 aug....dont know when my h1 will approve .... today is 2 nd oct... :(
RFE - Please help, Urgent!!!

A fresh application for H1-b filed has gone to RFE mode. The RFE has 2 questions.

1. On how the Coursework correlates to the requirements of this position ?

2. Query on the Education evaluation - How the alien is qualifying for performing the speciality occupation.

The alien has a non-comp sci baccalaureate degree and is applying for position related to software. This is quite a different case. The candidate has 5+ yrs of experience in Software process standards (Quality assurance, etc). There is no special degree courses as such in the industry for Software Quality Assurance. How to handle this case?

Please help.


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Congratulations to all who go the visa....
my reciept date is may 10 and got transferred to nebraska on aug 1st...
I got a query on sep 29 and my lawyer sent in the papers last week...
and i am still waiting...
does anyone know how long does it take for the approval to come in such cases.... :confused:
RFE case


I was told that it will take atleast 2 months for RFE cases to be processed. If premium processing done, and if PP accepted, it would take 15 days or so for USCIS to decide.

Have you responded for your RFE ? Was the Response filed with PP ?


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Hi ramnatvilli
My lawyer sent in the papers on Sep 26th but there is no update on USCIS website.... i am really worried coz i heard it usually takes 1 week for uscis to update the website...
Is there a way of checking if they have recieved the papers or not... can i call them or something...
my lawyer said that it takes maximum 30 days for them to respond... is that true or was he just giving me false hope???
please advise..


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transfer from vermont

My case was received on June 6 2006.I dont know whether the case got transferred from vermont to anywhere else .How will i know that?And anone whose date is later than this got approval?If so how will i contact them for info.Please help me. :confused: