H1B transfer while in India


Can anyone let me that whether H1b transfer is possible from india?
I am in india now. Had travelled to USA 2 times on H1b. But bothe times, i had to return the next day i landed on some urgent reasons.
Is it possible to transfer h1b while i am in india?
Yes, a new employer will be able to file an H-1B petition for you while you are still in India. Once approved, you will be able to go to the U.S. to join the new employer. If you already have a visa stamp in your passport from your previous H-1B that is still valid, you will not have to go for stamping again. You can enter the U.S. with the old visa stamp and new approval notice.

If your visa has expired or your visa was never stamped the first time, you will need to obtain a new H-1B visa stamp before going to the U.S.

You will need a willing employer that will sponsor your new H1-B transfer petition upon your arrival and work for the new employer only when your transfer petition has been filed, filing receipt is sufficient to begin working (but not be able to receive payment until the approval arrives)

You may be asked to prove you still have a job waiting upon your arrival at the port of entry