H1B transfer twice


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I had filed for a H1B transfer from Company A to Company B 2 weeks ago.I have still not received a receipt number. Now I want to transfer to Company C.

I have pay stubs from Company A till April 30th, 2007. Is it possible to transfer to Company C? how can I do that?


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As for my knowledge, you have to have at least 3 months pay stub to submit to the USCIS along with the petition to transfer from Company B to Company C. Mukesh - rahasiam.com


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You can transfer from A to C - before joining B

Hi .. You can transfer from A to C, until you have not joined B.

If you have already joined B, you need to wait for 2 pay slips.

Hope I have answered you.

I am in a similar situation :- How are you going to answer company B that you will not join them.. since you have accpted thier offer and they have spent money for your visa. Cant they take you legally on that.

Also, Can you join a company only before you get receipt number, byt after your firm files the H1 transfer petition. I mean only with the postal verification that the petition is filed with USCIS



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i moved from company A to company B after i received my reciept of application from INS :eek: .

while i was with B and before i received the approval for B (delayed due to security check ) MY OLD Company A notified INS that i have left for company B.

I joined company C next the next year after filing and receiving the receipt from INS..

at that time the application for B was PENDING in security check.

i received my approval of COMPANY C even though my application for company B is still pending ( to this day ). INS in a decision said that because COMPANY A "withdrew" the H1B while my COMPANY B application was "pending " i was out of status.

since then i have left the country and applied from canada

MORAL : make sure your chain of events is not broken .

ofcourse if you ur muslim this does not apply to you.


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*** Transferring H1B after one is approved from one employer***

I work for company A and next week is my last day there. I just got my H1b transferred to another company B which got approved 5 days back. Now, I also got an offer today from Company C which is my top choice.

1. Having quit company A and with a company B sponsored H1b, what might be the best way to join company C?
2. Should i join company B now and wait for company C to take care of my second H1B transfer?

Request your immediate help..