H1B Transfer Petition filed by new employer - > Meanwhile promoted to a supervisor role with current employer?


I have accepted a job offer from a new employer who has filed a H1B Transfer premium petition on my behalf.

Meanwhile, my current employer wants to promote me from a Senior Data Scientist position to a Supervisor Data Scientist position. I had agreed to that promotion long before getting my new job offer but the promotion process got delayed by 4 months due to HR inefficiencies, but suddenly seems imminent now.

I am not willing to talk to my current employer about the new job offer till my H1b transfer petition is approved.

My question is -
If my current employer files an H1B amendment while the H1B transfer petition with my new employer is still being adjudicated by USCIS will it require my new employer to file an amendment as well?


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If employer B's change of employer petition is approved, then your old employer A if they intend to hire you needs to file change of employer.