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H1b Transfer,extension issued I797A with out I94 validity till 2020 consular processing Hyderabad

Discussion in 'Rights of H Employees' started by sk2011, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. sk2011

    sk2011 New Member

    I am in USA now , I am on my second h1b now with small desi it firm below 10 employee firm,My employer in USA applied for H1b extension in Jan 2017 In Aug 2nd 2017 , we received I797A with out I94 from USCIS , employer is not cooperating to provide documents for my h1b Transfer to new employer , How can I transfer my h1b to other employer ?? Please help me to resolve my issue ,

    Below are issues from my employer:
    I joined with this organisation in 2016 Dec landed in USA from India in Dec 20th /2016 , Joined with client place in jan 20th /2017 , No pay slips / payment for me till March , March 21 my ist pay slip( for Jan-Feb) , April 21st my 2nd payslip( for march pay period) , June 7th my 3rd payslip (May pay period -- April Pay period is missing) , July 7th my 4th payslip ( Pay period June) , Sept 7th 5th payslip ( again June pay period) , now waiting for next payslip,

    if i ask for h1b transfer for any organisation every one asking for recent payslips , Still he is paying June payslips now , this employer is really bothering me , He applied for extension in Jan 6th 2017, i asked for premium processing Upgrade in before april 3rd , But He refused , finally I got H1b Approval with I797B on June 2nd , with approval validity till Jan 2020 but with out I94, employer simply emailed me saying "please find your approved H1b approval document" , I didnt know that I797B document will not have I94, internally he worked with USCIS , and got one more document on Aug 3rd ,thats document issued I797A with consular processing ( Hyderabad) with out I 94 , In the month of Sept I requested for Employer 2 for h1b Transfer by that time employer B told all these, till that point I dint know USCIS approved H1b I797A with out I94 with validity till Jan 2020, after I raised my voice my employer emailed me I797A approved document that also showing Consular processing , My new employer is asking me to go for stamping to India Before he applies for H1b Transfer, Tricky part here is I need to attend stamping on behalf of employer 1, He is not providing H1b stamping documents required for Consulate interview,I have no confidence that I will get stamping with Employer 1 , because he is Fraud employer, Employer 1 is saying still he is working with USCIS to get I94 ,

    is there any way I can transfer my h1b with out attending Consulate interview , as I am in USA at client location is there any way i can Transfer my h1b to new employer , My current project will go for 2 years . working with EVC model ( employer- vendor- client) , I am in total confusion state this bloody employer is sucking my Blood since Jan 2017, any help on this experts please

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