H1b transfer - 60days grace period - COVID-19


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Hi ,
My initial h1b was approved on jan2 2020 and i94 was valid till 2021.
I was laid off on Feb29th and My 60 days grace period ends today (Arpil 30th)

I found the new job and employer who is willing to transfer my h1b on 15th march and submitted all the documents to uscis on April 9th. I didn’t receive the receipt yet from USCIS. I checked with my employer they said it shows in fed-ex tracking that documents have reached the uscis on april 16th. But not sure about when they can expect the receipt as premium processing is suspended.

will i become out of status?
Should i go back to the home country? - I cannot now due to COVID-19 (Any alternative option? )
Is there any other way that i can able to maintain my status?
If it was delivered on April 16th, then you should be fine.
It will take a while before you get a receipt notice, but the receipt notice will indicate that the petition was received on April 16th.
You theoretically could even start working at the new employer now.
I agree. Even if you haven't received a receipt, if the fed-ex tracking shows that it was delivered on April 16th, you should be fine. You can start working for your employer now.