H1B Transfer - 2 months old paystub


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H1B Transfer - 2 months old paystub
Hello everyone,

My friend was laid off from his job on Sep 15, 2002. He got a new job offer from a new employer only yesterday ( Nov 20, 2002 ). He is going to apply for a H1 transfer now. But his paystubs are
2 months old and the last one he got from his previous employer was dated Sep 15, 2002.

1) Will his H1 visa transfer be successful?

2) What other alternate documents can he provide to INS to compensate the missing pay stubs? Is it okay, if he can get a letter from his previous employer stating that he was on unpaid vacation during those 2 months from Sep 16, 2002 to Nov 20, 2002?

Have anyone went through this situation and successfully transferred their H1? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance,