H1b to F1 at the consular process

Hi all,

I wonder if there are anyone went through H1b to F1 visa process
I am on a H1b since 2018 October. I did not fill the immigrant petition. I want to change my status H1b to F1 at the end of July. I am going back to my country, S.Korea, for the student visa interview.
I am not sure I need to quit my job for the interview though.

1. Do I need to quit the job before I go to F1 visa interview? Can I keep my h1b visa and just go to student visa interview?
1. If you have similar experiences, did you quit your job before you to to the F1 visa interview?
2. Did counsel asked about H1b visa? - Like, you got the job after graduate from college. Will you get a job after you graduate?

Please, please help me. I cannot eat, sleep or do anything but worrying.