H1B sponsor for Pharmacist


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Hello !

I would like to introduce myself as a Foreign Pharmacy Graduate
from India. I have received the ATT from the NABP to sit for
the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination (FPGEE).
This ATT (#FP001022011331) is valid upto Jan-2003. I am planning to sit for the exam in October-2002 and begin my internship immediately after I receive the FPGEC.

If employed either in Maine, Maryland or New Hampshire I can begin my internship even before clearing the FPGEE. I have already given TOEFL (Scored 287) and TSE (Scored 50)in May-2002.

I have been once refused the B1/B2 visa as they found me to be a prospective migrant.

I am currently in India and would like to know if you can help me find a sponsor for H1B Visa.


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Though I don't have answer to your question but I have a question for you.

Could you please tell me how long it took for you to receive the ATT number from NABP?



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Hi Pendli!

I suppose I was luckiest person on earth to receive the ATT within 5 months. I had applied on Sep-20-2001 and I received my ATT on Jan-11-2002.

Inspite of receiving the ATT the US Consulate in Mumbai has refused my Application for B1/B2.

My B1/B2 Visa has been refused under section 214(b) of
immigration and Nationality Act. I have received a refusal letter
which states:
Section 214(b) requires an applicant for a nonimmigrant
visa to establish that:
# You seek to enter the U.S. temporarily for business or pleasure;
# You plan to remain for specific, limited period of time;
# After the trip, you intend to return to a residence outside the U.S.

Where are u at the moment? In US or India.



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Try this email. I am sure they are trying to hire people from SOuth Africa to meet their requirement.

I am also trying for H1b in US. I am on F1. I completed my FPGEE and TOEFL. Trying the TSE for the first time this month.

Any advice for TSE will be appreciated.

Best of luck!

"Recruit South Africa"

Foreign National Recruiting Coordinator
Albertsons Pharmacy Recruiting


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Thanks Manoj.My husband is in US and I'm joining with him in next couple of months.

I have recently submitted my FPGEC app to NABP and waiting for the ATT #.

I have another question on FPGEC app.

Did you submitted the Pharmacy letter & Marks transcripts(signed & sealed envolopes) along with your application form or directly from the issuing authories?



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Hi My wife is writing her FPGEC exam in April 1st 2016 can she be eligible for applying for H1B in 2016 as her results are going to come by May 2016 so she can show the certificate before her H1B process is completed.