H1B Remainder Option


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Hello Rajiv,

Hope all is well. I did my Masters in chemical engineering in the US and then worked for an environmental firm in NYC where my H1B was sponsored. I got my H1B in 2019 (Oct 2019 start date) and then I moved to India in Dec 2020 and it’s been almost 2 yrs here in India.

I have approx. 4.5 yrs remaining on my H1B. My questions are below:

1. Am I eligible to use the H1B remainder option for a different employer under different field under cap exempt? I want to know if I can work in business domain and not in chemical field using H1B remainder option?

2. Say, if I find an employer in the US in business domain who is willing to sponsor me directly? Do I need to apply for new H1B and go through April lottery? What are the consequences?

3. Lastly, if I plan to do MBA which would be second masters in the US, is it possible to use the H1B remainder option from my first masters and work in business domain?

Please let me know and thank you for your time.