H1b,H4 visa stamping experience in Mumbai


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Hi All,

I did my Dropbox on 17 nov17.

Got an email to collect passport on 20nov17, but online visa status showed as "admin processing".

When collected passport it was without stamp and had 221g form asking me to attend visa interview alone along with wifes passport and 3 documents - LCA, client letter and paystubs.

Attended visa interview on 24nov17.
VO asked me some basic questions and they took LCA, client letter and paystubs.
VO looked at LCA and client letter properly. She didn't saw paystubs.
VO took fingerprints and called my wife inside to take her fingerprinting as well.

Further VO issued me 221g and retained client & vendor letter and returned our passports and informed me that they need to do further verification with my job at clientside. She said it can take around 2 weeks for the verification to get completed and they will inform me further via email.

My case was created on 17 nov17 and updated on 24nov17 which was my visa interview date.
It has been more than 2 weeks but no update yet. Also no calls/emails came to my client manager yet.

I am checking the visa status online and waiting for consuler email to arrive.

Is there any way we can ask them for an update, whether they enquired to the client, how long it will take for the process, etc.

I know there are similar cases occurred with other people and based on their and your experience, is there an email address by which we can contact mumbai consulate??

And is there any specific questioners they ask to our client manager so that I can give headsup to them..?
Is there anyone who is the same boat, who got 221g in november and whose visa got approved later.?? I think people are not updating their status, once visa is issued.

USCIS should provide proper status checking.
If everything was good all documents were clear then for no reason they r putting us in trouble

I have cancelled my return flight ticket and there is no refund for it. I can't reschedule/postponed the tickets since we are not certain as when will they issue us visa.
It can take 2 weeks to 2 months.

Situation is going to panic now. I don't have WFH access and I m working in EVC ratio based salary model so no income/money when I m on leave.
My rent, bills, insurance all are going on without any salary... I have all my stuffs in U.S.

Its a heavy loss for me, but who and how will we convey this to USCIS. They will not care about all this.

If you find something from your friends as to whom should we contact/write email to us consulate for checking my visa status, asking them to know where it is stuck currently then just let me know....
I m now just checking it online and the Visa status shows admin processing, but we don't know what's going on internally...where it is pending?.also we don't have any clues regarding timeline

If anyone has any info, do contact me on my email address - ashish.yerunkar@gmail.com