H1b employee not paid for 10 months dol complain


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I came to us on a student Visa after my study X company filed my h1 and it got approved but by that time I got my h1 approval I was already out of project. I was on bench since then and never got a single dollar paid. I live in Chicago and my employer in NJ. Everytime I asked for salary or payslip I was threatened to revoke my h1. Recently I married my girl friend who was a citizen got GC and then I filed DOL complain to my employer. My employer he didn't do great marketing for me to find a job but I responded to his every email and phone call . I do have lot of email from him and me ( by the way he is one of the employee in the company not a boss but he has been my only contact to the company all the emails i send him is in his official email) I have LCA letter etc etc. I dont know how will they be able to defend them self but I am also surprise why are they so cool about it. They have not even contacted me after the first investigation from DOL? What can be in their mind and can they put me in any trouble by any false or lie?

PS: I have never asked for leave, vacation or anything thing I never went to the company office but I was picking all the calls and responding to all the vendor until I filed the complain.