H1B Consular Processing Change from Canada to India


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Interesting scenario :

1.Got H1B extension for 3 years Denied after completion 6Years completion based on I140 Approval from company "A"

2.Changed status to L2 and got EAD based on Spouse L1.

3. Joined company "B" and worked for close to 2 years.

4.Spouse L1 Expiring on July 2nd 2011,

5.Applied for H1B for consular processing at Toronoto,Canada based AC21 clause with I140 approval more than 180 days - H1B APPROVED

6. Applied for AOS from L2 to H1 based on approval on premium process on June 15th.

No appointments available in Toronto - Need to fly out of country if I do not receive AOS in time.


How long does it take to transfer consular processing from Canada to India?