H1B - Clock Stopped after RFE Response


Registered Users (C)
"On July xx, 2013, the 15-day Premium Processing clock stopped on your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. A notice

was sent on this date explaining the specific reason for stopping the premium processing of your case. This notice will

contain detailed information on further action required by you. Your premium processing receipt notice contains contact

information for direct inquiries on your case."
Hello Friends,

I am writing with the hope that this might be useful for the people who are in this situation.

H1B was filed in PP - Vermont Center
H1B RFE asking Client related documents and status changed to "Clocked Stopped"
H1B RFE Response after 60 days and status changed to "Clock Restarted"
After 6 days, around 1 PM, the status was exactly changed as above.
After 4 hours, around 4:45 PM, the status has been changed to APPROVED...

Hope this helps!