H1B approved while waiver application pending with DOS. Will visa stamping be an issue?


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I came to US on J-1 for a semester and went back to my home country and stayed there for about 15 months. Then I came back to US on F-1 for my Masters and after finishing studies started working on OPT.
I applied for waiver this year with DOS and my application is still pending as they are waiting for sponsor views. In the meantime, my employer had filed for H1B this April and it got approved this week as well (with waiver application still pending).
Now my question is,

1) If I go back to my home country for visa stamping will I get any issues?
2) Did USCIS mistakenly approved it (with pending waiver application) or is it normal (My company's attorney had attached my waiver application with H1B petition, so they knew my 2 year home residency requirement wasn't complete).

How should I proceed now?