H1B approved till April 2020 ; I 140 approved since Nov 2015

My current project is ending in a few months and my company is not able to find another project for me.

If I change my employer , they will have to start my Perm and I140 again..
My questions are

1) How risky is it to redo my Labor and I140 these days?
2) Is it advisable to change employers and redo the whole process or Simply stay with the same employer and pickup another project till the priority date becomes current ?
3) How can i upgrade to a EB1 category, I am currently on a EB2 category Green card ?


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If you change employer, new employer needs to do labor cert & I-140 regardless of being risky or not. Regarding changing employer you need to contemplate pros and cons of leaving employer to growth in career aspects. with new position.