H1B and H4 Questions - Extension and Stamping


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Dear Friends

My Current H1B first 3 years is expiring in February 2007.

I am planning to File for H1B Extension soon.

I have following questions:-

1. If my H1B extension gets approved in December 2006, will the start date of extended H1B(New Approval Notice) be from February 2007 or December 2006?

2. If the start date is Ferbuary 2007, can i go to consulate and take stamp in advance for the new 3 year period, or i have to wait till February 2007?(At present i have valid stamp till February 2007)

3. While my H1B Extension is in process, can i leave the country anytime and return on the old H1B?

4. If i get married and let's say the new H1B is not through, will my wife get H1B Visa valid till February 2007 without any issues?

5. If i get married and let's say the new H1B is through and starting date is February 2007, can she go before February 2007 to get H4 stamping?

Waiting for your responses