H1 Visa Revalidation - time taken ?

Sam. K

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I sent my passport and all other papers to US Department of State (in St. Louis, MO) on March 15th. It is now more than 6 weeks. Has anyone applied around that time? Have you get your passport stamped?

One more question - does Dept. of State send any receipt once they receive our application? (I don\'t think so; but just checking)




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I\'ve sent my passport March 18 by Express mail, they received March 20.There was no receipt. I don\'t believe it can be in 6 weeks. Lets allow 8 week for everything to be OK.


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PP received

I sent mine to St. Louis on Mar 13,
It went to Washington on mar 27,
I realised I did not send DS157 form which is required,
called a help ful immigration officer & faxed it to him on Apr 8
Visa stamped on May 2 &
I received it on May 6th.
H1 revalidation st louis

Please let us track the h1 revalidation

sent PP on 4/1/02
Recd st louis 4/2/02

Still waiting....



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Revalidation Documents

My I-94 expired in December 2001. However, I have extended my H1. I am in the process of revalidating my visa. I want to know whether I have to submit the original I-797 or a photocopy will do. If I have to submit the original, do I have to submit the entire form or just the bottom part? If anybody can share their experience, I would appreciate it. Does the same thing apply to the I-797 for my wife too?

I forgot to mention that I will be mailing it to the State Dept.