H1 Transfer


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I started working as a contractor for a company on my OPT, which I got after completing my master's degree. The OPT expires in Jan 2005.
I also got my H1B approved, starting from Oct 2004 expiring Sep 2007. So, presently I am working on H1 b visa from October.

Now, I have an offer of a permanent job from a company and they want to take me in ASAP. SO, I guess they will need H1B transfer.

Could someone please tell me what will be the process now? How much time will the H1 transfer take? And, will my OPT play a factor anywhere in the H1 transfer process? Someone told me it will take 3 months due to my OPT, this is wierd!

Thanks in advance!!


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To be on a safe side, I would recommend that you wait at least until you get 2-3 pay stubs to support the H1B transfer petition.