H1 transfer without recent paystubs


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I am on H1B 7 year extension and on same project for more than four years.My consulting company had recently issue over payment with middle vendor.

The middle vendor is getting money from client but not paying my company due to silly fight between them.Bcoz of this my company has stopped paying me for more than 5 months and threatening me to close the client project if middle vendor is not making payment.

Meanwhile middle vendor has offered me for H1 transfer premium but issue I don't have latest paystub.
What are my options to get transfer successful without paystub ,my project is running and is longterm.

If I file DOL complaint my current company will cancel my H1B visa and if transfer is denied I have to go back to India.Is there any way I file DOL complaint my company should not know until H1B get transferred.
In dilemma,Need suggestion urgently