h1 transfer with lower wage in w2

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    Hello All,
    I was working with one consultancy but was out of project for nearly month and the consultancy were not running payroll. I found one permanent job and applied for h1 transfer with pay stub which is around 45 days old. I also gave my last years w2. My current LCA wage is higher than my w2 wage by almost 5-6k. But I worked at this location for last quarter of 2008. For most of the time i was working in different location with different LCA having lower wage. I wanted to know if h1 transfer would be denied because of low wage or I can give reason like i was out of country for vacation for one and half month which lowered w2 wage
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    Hi Fairshadow,
    I am in a similar situation. Can you please tell me what was the outcome of your case and what did you do.
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