H1 Transfer questions


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I am working in Company “A” and wants to transfer my H1 to Company “B”.
I have already sent the documents for H1 Transfer to Company “B” and they will file within one week and will confirm me thru mail about submission for application.

1.Can I join Company “B” upon their confirmation as to filling of Transfer application with USCIS , like delivery of Fedex mail with USCIS etc., or to be on safe side should I wait for Receipt Number from USCIS ? AS I fear that Company “A” may file for cancellation of H1

2.My H1 & I-94 is valid only till October, 2008 so I believe that new H1B ( from company B) will be valid for next 2-3 years . Should new employer issue me a fresh I-94 which is valid beyond October 2008?

3.Visa transfer approval will take next 3-4 months , so I have to go to India in between this period . Can I go to India during this period on the basis of my old I-94 and while the transfer is yet to be approved?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.