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Hi Friends,

I Have applied for H1b Transfer from Company A to Company B in Premium Process and got Notice. After 5th day they send a RFE and we did respond in couple of days.

Now it has been more then 60 days and didn't get any approvel from the CA uscis. when I checked their website it shows about the RFE (no updates)
when I spoke with the Attorny she said do not call INS unnecessry they will get Mad (what a gr8 Attorny) (my company is planning to do my GC with the same attorny, I already started to worry about this attorny service)

My question is If we applied in Premium Process it should be approve or decline in couple of days right? Did guys anyone in the simler situvation?

Please guide me or reply me.

Ohio boy

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The Rfe is


The RFE is Education evulation and company Information...my attorny replied for that by Certified USPS.


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Whts ur education background? dont mind me asking this question.

I got a new job and the company has applied for H1 transfer. I've Master's in computer science. so I jes curious y they asked abt education evaluation.

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H1B Transfer Still Pending

Oh...God I can't belive that they are taking this much time in Premium Processing (what is mean by Premium Process? Means=As long As the Delay :) Still waiting for my H1b Premium Transfer from company A to Company B .......But luclky got the Notice I am Happy for that.

H1b Transfer Appled In Premium Process March-1-06
Waiting.......... May-5-06 no updates.

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Finnaly Approved

Atlast my H1B Transfer from Employer A to Employer B approved on May 24 in Premium Process After 90 Days.


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RFE on H1 Transfer Premium Processing


Company A has filed my H1B transfer on Dec 10, 2013. It was accepted on Dec 11, 2013.

Received: Dec 10, 2013
Acceptance: Dec 11, 2013
RFE: Dec 18, 2013

My employer has said that they will be responding to the RFE in 2 weeks time. My question is say my RFE is responded on Jan 6, 2014, then starting that day how much time it can take for the transfer to be approved considering that my case was filed under PREMIUM processing.

Appreciate your valuable thoughts on the same.