H1 Tranfer time at Vermont Service Centre


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Dear Friends,

1. My H1 transfer to my current employer was filed at Vermont Service Centre on Jun 03, 2002 . Any idea how long it takes to process transfer and when I can expect the approval.

2. I have my visa validity till Apr 04, 2004. Before filing my H-1 transfer, my family members have gone to India and they are also having their visa validity till Apr 04, 2004 ( stamping with previous company), also my old employer didn't cancel my H1. I didn't apply for H-4 transfer for my dependants as they left for India before my present company filed for my H-1 transfer. Under this situation I wanted to bring my family back to USA shortly. Also My questions are

a. Whether I need to wait to get my H1 approval for my current company.
b. They can enter into USA to join with me with the old stamping which is valid till Apr 04, 2004.
c. My dependants can enter into USA only after getting new stamping in India after my H1 is approved for current employer.

I will appreciate your help. Thanks.
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