H1 stamping consulate change


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Hello all!

I am currently working on F1 visa OPT expiring on Jan 7 2005. I have got my H1 approved for the quota starting from October.

If I am not wrong, I must bet the new H1 visa stamped on passport before the OPT expires. But, I have got the stamping consulate as Chennai in India (some mistake) and I have applied to get it changed back to Delhi, which will take 4 months now. So, what should I do? Should I get the new petition of change of consulate cancelled & go ahead with the old chennai one? Can I still go to Delhi embassy with the old Chennai consulate form? Can I apply online to some "queue" of visa stamping in India, so that I can just land in India and go directly to the embassy.

Thanks in advance!!


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Did your H1B approval say which consulate you need to go to get the VISA stamped? This is probably some new process. I hav not heard of the H1B approval mentioning the city.