H1 Revalidation In canada..


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Hello Guru\'s,
Planing to go to Canada for my H1 revalidation. Currently the visa(expired as of Aug 2001) stamp in the passport is H1, but from my previous employer. Also have planned for India vist during the month of June(but trying to conserve the time there, as Chennai is 15 hrs journey).

Can someone please... please let me know the whole process of going from US to Canada and getting the new visa stamp. And your recent experiences.

The prime questions bothering me are.. How,where and of what type(tourist or visitor..??) for Canadian visa do I get.
Which US consulate do I apply for US visa(Toronto, ottowa??). And how long does this all take, I mean how many days do I need to take off from the office.

Thanks a lot you guys... Please, I would really appreciate some help..



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Last time I heard...

You have to get visitor visa from the canadian embassy. There is one in NY to which you can send it by post.

Generally it takes 2 days to get the visa in any canadian US embassy. Toronto is one of the unpopular place.

You can get an appointment from nvars.com


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Thanks for the tip. But, I guess my consern is... how hard or easy is it to get canadian visitors visa. And to get it by mail, what are all the documents that I have to send along. And also how long does it take me to get the canadian visa. Further more, should I wait untill I get the canadian visa before I even make an appointment with the US consualte in Canada?

Thanks a bunch..