H1 B status after entering the country using Advance Parole

I am on H1-b. I was laid off last month. I understand I have 60 day grace period to file change of employer. I found another job. The attorney who is filing the visa, initially told me that as I entered the country on Advance Parole last year, we have to do Consular processing and I cannot change from parole to H1-b. So I have to leave the country and reenter. But when I pointed him to Cronin memo on dual intent, he came back and said we can file for extension of status via the change of employer and that may not require consular processing.
He is also asking me to use EAD to start working immediately.

Can I not use the HI-b filing receipt to start working instead?
Will using the EAD have any impact on the H1-b application?
If you are already under the grace period, you should be able to change the employer while being inside the US. As per my knowledge, you don't have to leave and reenter the US. About whether the EAD will have any impact on the H1B application- I am not sure about that part.