H1-B RFE Case (Please respond ASAP)


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Employer "A" filed a new H1-B in 2013 quota. It got picked in lottery. During the processing time, USCIS issued RFE. Employer "A" failed to answer the RFE correctly and it is rejected. I forced Employer "A" to apply MTR and he applied it. We haven't got any response from USCIS on the MTR until April, so I worked with Employer "B" to file a new H1-B in 2014 quota.

Now, H1-B filed by Employer "B" is picked in lottery in April 2014 quota and also at the same time Employer "A" filed MTR is also approved in April 2014 after I applied H1-B with new Employer "B". So, after the MTR approval, I automatically converted to H1-B. The H1-B filed by Employer "B" got RFE. When we spoke to attorneys of Employer "B", they are advising to respond to RFE for requesting transfer of Employer "A" H1-B. They wanted to clearly explain the situation in RFE response and request to transfer the H1-B since H1-B filed by Employer "A" was uncertain even until April. Please let us know if it will be a problem with RFE response which Employer "B" is trying to do? Will it impact H1B which I am with Employer "A"? I am tensed. Let me know ASAP