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I am working for a company in Florida that has office in Georgia as well.
I am being transferred to the Georgia office now.

The lawyers told me that they have to do a H1b amendment ?

Does anyone know what this is and how long does it take ?
Can I continue working or do I have to wait ?


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It is a LCA amendment

Takes only a few days. Generally you could go ahead and start working if you have confidence in your lawyers. I would wait for the LCA amendment if I were you.

Jim Mills

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No, it is an H-1 amendment.

An amended I-129, I-129(H), I-129(W) and an LCA, along with all supporting documents and the appropriate fees must be filed with INS. You can begin working in the new capacity/location as soon as the amended petition is filed.

Getting a new LCA is not good enough.

The H-1 amendment process takes just as long as any other H-1 petition (typically 2-3 months).


James D. Mills
Attorney at Law