H1 6th year, transfer to new company


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I am on 6th year and I did a transfer of my h1 to new company B. When I was applying for transfer , company B applied for my extension based on my Company A's pending labor (2004), but INS approved untill my 6th year validity period but did not approve my extension. Can any one advice why INS did not approve my extension based on Company A's pending labor?



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Hi Ding..

Mine is like this..

I have a pending Labor (May’2004) with Company “A” and I have a valid H1 with Company “B” until my 6th year end date (Nov'05).

We applied (in Sept’05) H1 transfer & 7th year extension from Company “C” based on my pending labor with Company “A”. I got my approval on 01/25/2006 with 7th year extension…

I guess u r attorney / company did not mentioned properly about u r pending labor priority date or they didn’t mention for 7th year extension…
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