H-1B question from my friend


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Hi! Everyone,

My friend right now holds H-1B and work for company A, if she wants to work for company B, how does this H-1B visa work, does company B need to apply for new H-1B visa for her? If yes, then it means she can't go to B because the quota has already run out. Can she transfer the H quota from company A to B, if yes, how to proceed with it?

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anna baker

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H-1 Transfer

Your friend will not be subject to the quota, because she has already received an H-1B. In order for her to be eligible to work for company B, company B must file an application for a transfer of the H-1B from company A to company B with USCIS.


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please help me on this query ..

i already got EAD recently before that i applied for H1B extension , i got query to submit the orginal documents with sealed and sign with regiester with in 30 days if not intent to deny the H1B my question is what are the consequencs in my green card process please help on this urgent