H-1B File in Storage 10 + Months - Any Advise is Appreciated


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H-1B Case filed in VSC on Sept 09th 2001 , File transfered from VSC to NSC (Out of Jurisdiction ) on Nov 20th 2001.

Actual File Mailed from VSC to NSC on Jan 23rd 02 . NSC received the file on Jan 25th 2002.

Received RFE from NSC on March 11th 2002 for Proof of Current Employment Status and Replied to the RFE by Fax on March 12th 2002 with all the Documents.

Haven\'t heard any response from NSC and the Attorney called INS for checking the Status and spoke to a IIO on April 5th , the IIO replied that the Case is in a different location (My Attorney\'s Interpretation was storage) and a decision was not made on the case by the officer and could have been a Data Entry Error.

IIO said she will get the file from a different location and will get back in 1-2 weeks and took the contact information of the Attorney but never called back and has been 4 weeks .

The Attorney called INS NSC on May 2nd and spoke to a IIO and the IIO says that since you have already spoke to a different officer a few weeks back you should wait till she receives the file or get backs to you.

Any One with Similar experiences or knowledge please post Desperate Situation .

1) Attorney can you tell me how much time does it take for the INS to get the file from storage in the above mentioned case and would it be wise for the Attorney to call the INS every week and check on the status.
2)What can be done expediate the process and the best way to get the case back to the officer.
3)Is it common to hear that if the IIO would say that he would followup on the Case and never calls back , can we still call INS NSC and talk to a different IIO officer on the case and would this delay the Case.
AVM didnot get updated in NSC except that say the Petition was received on XX Date.