H-1 Visa issuance perils

Rajiv S. Khanna

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Submitted by Rajnikant on Jul 9th 2012.
Hi Rajiv,
I m Rajnikant I went for visa stamping at Delhi ,India and my case was put under 221(g) administrative processing(Green letter). On April 1st 2011, and after that I submit required document to the VFS center Ahmedabad (document required A DHS latter copy and end client contract latter) on 13th April 2011After that there is no any Reply from US embassy till today its pass more than 14 month from interview and my petition is expired after 15 months so in such type of situation what can be expected from US embassy which type of output we expect from embassy in such type of cases.Plz

I am sorry Rajnikant, there is not much we can do short of a lawsuit. There was a recent 9th Circuit ruling that held courts CAN make the consulates deliver a delayed decision (however, courts cannot overrule consular discretion). But your lawyers can contact the Visa Office in Washington, DC to ascertain if anything can be done. It is sad indeed that we, the so called leaders of the "free" world, hold LEGAL applicants hostage to interminable processes. See the attached letter we had sent to the powers that be over a year ago. While this letter was invited by the government, we have seen no improvements.Letter to _ _ REDACTED.pdf