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Hi Gurus,
I got RFE for my 140 to submit the experience letter from my previous employer.Employer is refusing to give the letter. He is also not intrested
in responding to the call. I have submitted the experience letter I had already to INS, but they are requesting for additional information like my duties responsibilities etc in a specific format. Some of my friends told that You can submit affidavits from your co-worker in such case. Gurus can you please let me know what should be the format of such letter and should it be notorized? what are my chances of getting 140 approved under this case.I am worried since I don't have much time to reply to RFE and my lawyer is not aware of the affidavits. Anybody who has faced similiar situation? Now this forum is my last hope. Please help.


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no, I don't have any,sorry. I was just wonder why some people required the employment letter and the others don't required. I am in EB3 too, don't know if I will have to show that too.


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iam confused about this exp letters !!!!!

guys, iam very confused about the experience letters and all. Some of the posts here says that "get the letter/affadavits from your previous co-workers" ....and some others says that "USCIS has been known to call/confirm experience, education directly."

Now, if the experience letters are from co-workers, then what will happen if USCIS call the employer ? OR do they call the person who gave the Affadavit ?

Iam in the same boat with issues getting experience letters. I wanted to file a substitution case. Honestly, the job responsibilties on this approved labor DOES NOT completely matches (70% match) up with my experience. In order to match, i need to get Affidavits from my "friend" co-workers.

can somebody shed some light here .... and let us know what happens at 140 stage and what does USCIS do to proves that you have indeed worked on specific technolgies.



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Here is one

Hi mygreencard99 ,
I used this format to get an affidavit from my friend. Hope this will work for you. for the point 4 you include everything your Labour Certification Job description says.

(Your Co-worker name and address)
Phoenix, AR)

I, (FULL NAME OF AFFIANT) , do hereby solemnly state and affirm as hereunder:

1. I am over twenty-one years of age and otherwise competent to make this affidavit;

2. During the period from from date till Resign Date, I have been employed with (COMPANY NAME) located at (FULL ADDRESS) 2 M.I.D.C Andheri(E) Mumbai, India -400093 , in the capacity of Senior Software Engineer.

3. During this time I was a co-worker of Mr. (YOUR NAME) who was employed by (COMPANY) located at ADDRESS: 2 M.I.D.C Andheri(E), Mambai India -400093 , between January 21,1998 and March 1,1999 in the position of a Software Programmer working no less than 40 hours per week;

4. I certify that as a Software Programmer(POSITION), YOUR NAME performed the following duties:
Design and develop oracle applications using standard Oracle tools to address details business requirements. Break down the detailed requirements into manageable software modules for design, development, deployment and operations. Review and fix code developed by other programmers and get client approval for the responsible business modules. Design and develop stress-testing procedure and set acceptance criteria. Understand UNIX System V and develop Shell scripts to automate and integrate standard technical processes. He was involved in developing application including HRD Management System, Direct Mailing System and Payroll management System.
He used his expertise in Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS, Oracle Database Administration, UNIX, Windows NT4.0, C, Pro*C,SQL*Loader, EXPORT/IMPORT, PowerBuilder 5.0 for all the projects he developed.

Date: _______________ ________________________

Sworn to and subscribed before me, a Notary Public of the State of _______________, this day of , 2003.

Seal and signature of notary public
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