Green Card thru Asylum


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I recently filed for my Green Card thru Asylum. Everything went fine. I received a receipt saying that my application was received. I also did the fingerprint. I thought I did everything right. When I checked the status of my case online last nite, it was saying that they sent me a letter to request more evidence or information. I have not received the letter yet but I am a bit worried. According to most people, the GC thru Asylum is usually easy and straithforward. What could it be about? can someone give me a hint? The documents I presented are the following The I 485, the Medical Record, the G 325A, the I 94 and the judge's letter showing that asylum was approved, the birth certificate, the pictures,( I was once charged with selling alcohol to a minor and the case was later dismissed) I sent the paperwork showing that it was dismissed. Isn't the application complete at this point?
Please hints


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Folks I just got the new request for additional evidence. Guess what? It is asking for the same stuff they asked the last time around. I don't understand what to give different that I did not give last time.
I am confused guys. Please help me out.


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How long did it take from your fingerprints to getting GC?

What exactly did they ask you about first time? What did they ask you second time? I'm very interested. I have everything the same except I've got I 94 thru first interview and I don't have any police records? How did it take from your fingerprint appointment to get green card?