Green Card replacement for child after 14 years old


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My stepdaughter is 17 years old, has a green card which expires at the middle of 2023. We did not replace her green card after she reached 14 years. Will it be a problem ? Her mother just became US Citizen. Now I see several possible options to get US Citizenship document for her:

1. Replace green card (file I-90) and then file N-600 for Naturalization Certificate based on her mother's citizenship
2. Replace green card (file I-90) and then apply for US Passport
3. Apply for US Passport without replacing green card
4. File N-600 without replacing green card
5. Wait several months for her to reach 18 years and then file N-400
6. Replace green card (file I-90) and then file N-400

What would be the best way (shortest/less troubles/less expensive) ?

Thank you


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Apply for the US passport now. Then if you like, follow-up by filing the N-600 to enable her have her own naturalization certificate in addition to the US passport.