Green card received while out of USA and currently stuck outside USA.


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I'm in a bit of a situation with respect to my GC. I left USA for India in Mar 2019 due to covid-19. When i left my i485 was in process, i had approved EAD/AP until july 2019, ive filed my EAD/AP extension back then and it got approved for a year. Then everything went into lockdown and covid cases are still on the rise hence i didnt fly back so far. While outside USA my PD became current and i received my GC, ive addressed these documents to my friends house and he shipped my GC and approval notice to me here in India (date of GC issuance 15 OCT 2019).

My question is, i will be completing my one year outside USA around end of February 2020. Since my GC is issued on OCT 2019, does my 6 months period that i can be outside of usa starts from the date of GC issuance or Mar 2019 when i left.
Next question is, im planning to come back only after taking vaccine, which may very well go beyond Apr/May this year, will this create any problem at the POE while arriving?

I still have my car, bank accounts in USA to show as a proof that i still have ties with USA.

Thank you in advance.