Green card interview - retail theft!!

Green card - Retail Theft

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So here is my situation. Im from Philadelphia PA. About 2 years ago I got caught (retail theft) with a charge of 300 dollars misdemeanor in Macy's & I was 18 at that time. The police came and they took my finger print then i had to pay a fee about 500 dollars and left. So I'm in a process of getting a green card. USCIS sent me a letter that is approved me to work and they told us to come for an interview. So today in the interview I was honest with them about how I was young and dumb and I did make a big huge mistake. Everything else went well, we answered all the questions and everything. If it wasn't for the criminal background I would been approved. They said everything is ok but they have to go thru all the paper again to see if they can approve my case. And if I'm approved so the green card will be in the mail box from 4-6 weeks. If I'm not so they will send me a letter that I have to follow the instruction. So I want to ask if anybody had the same situation since it is just a citation and I already paid the fee. Do you think I will be able to get my green card??