Green card interview after Asylum granted

In July 2016 my wife and me were granted asylum in NYC court. I was like spouse in her case. In 2017 we sent documents for adjustment of status i-485. And in November 2018 my wife recieved a green card, but I got a notice for an interview in my local office. Probably the main reason of it might be my arest 8 years ago, but due to the asylum hearing time in court in 2016 I've been asked a lot questions from a judge and prosecutor about this situation. And after a judge granted asylum for my wife and me.
So my interview will be in a march and I little bit nervous about it. is anybody has experience with it?


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The Officer will NOT prosecute your case again. Forget all the drama of the court proceedings. The Green Card Officer will only ask you questions about identity, current address etc. Your case is straight forward. Relax.