Green Card holders and TOEFL

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  1. GivemeGeeCee

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    After getting Green card, If we plan to go for MBA. Do we still need to pass TOEFL exam.

    Thanks in advance
  2. MD_Rockville

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    Yes you do. For good universities TOEFL is a requirement ( as English is not our native language ) .. varies from univ to should call them up for accurate info..
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  3. Devotee

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    Yes, I agree with md-rockville, most schools would need to "have a standardised" test score of your english skills if your primary lang is not english and if your qualifying degree is not from a primarly english speaking country like UK , australia etc..other option is to talk to the director of program and ask them if theywould be able to practically consider your work expereince using english as primary medium in lieu of toefl, or that your current stay of so many years would be considered as enriching your language skills academically..
  4. usnycus

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    TOEFL requirement is based on your previous education and varies from school-to-school.

    If you are trying to get admission based on under-grad degree given by college/university outside US, they may ask for TOEFL. Some school let you attend the classes even if you score very low in TOEFL and require you take basic english course. It waste of time & off-course money.

    TOFEFL is not a big deal and I would say just finish it.

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  5. mbtech

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    USNYCUS, you are right. Requirements vary from institution to institutiton.

    When I got admited to MS, I spoke with head of CS dept directly in person and he waived TOEFL for me. According to him, I spoke english just fine.

    So try going in person and speak with head of dept or admissions.
  6. usnycus

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    Same here.

    When I applied for admission in MBA, school admission office was only interested in GMAT score.

  7. GC_1970

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    Talk to the Director

    Some time, based on your experience and education background some schools might not ask for TOFEL scores and GMAT scores. In my case they asked for a GMAT score and an experience letter from the place where i worked for the last 5 years, when i presented the experience letter and my Master degree official transcripts, the director asked me to complete Business Law subject as Pre-req to join this fall semester.

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