Green Card Holder sponsoring spouse


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Hello folks,

I am a Green Card holder since August 2014 and I got married to my wife in July 2017 - the marriage took place overseas in Europe. (My wife has been to the US twice since then on a tourist visa, the 1st time she stayed 3 months and 2nd time only 2 weeks).

I filled I-130 in August 2017 and a few weeks later I received form I-979C, Notice of Action confirming that they received my application which has a priority date of August 29, 2017 - with California Service Center as USCIS Office.

I haven't received any notification that my application has been approved yet and January Visa Bulletin for "Dates For Filling Family-Sponsored Visa application" has a date of 01DEC17 - F2A Category. What should I do in this case?
1. Should I wait until I receive form I-979 that my application has been approved to proceed with next steps?
2. Is there an option I can request information on the status of my case? - When I check the "case status online" it shows that in August 2017 they received my I-130 Petition for Alien Relative so it seems I haven't missed anything in the mail.

I appreciate any feedback!



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For Feb 2019 F2A for rest of the world is Dec 1st 2016. So you need to keep watching visa bulletin every other month. Going forward, In which ever month your priority date of Aug 2017 is past date shown in that month visa bulletin, your wife could be called for immigrant interview ONLY if I-130 is approved.
Hi. I am in the same situation as you. Priority date July 2017. I don't think you will get any other notification other than I-797C . I also called Customer Service back in September 2018 and they told me that I don't have to do anything else. If they need more information from me they will contact me by mail.
Same here, PD is 4/10/2017 and haven't heard anything else. Nowhere to contact.
You can call them. That's what I did. And if you do. Just let us know what did you ask and what did they say. But I am sure that they will say that they have received your application and if they need something else they will contact you.


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I called the California Service Center and didn’t get to talk to anyone! There isn’t even an option to talk to a customer representative which is odd. So I am still in a loss and not sure what to do. I tried to fill a form for “Case outside normal processing time” online but didn’t let me submit it as it says “my application is within posted processing time”. When I check the Processing Time for California Service Center on USCIS website it shows that to be able to start a case inquiry the receipt date should be no later than February 12, 2017.

Anyone else in the same situation?