Green Card holder outside the states.

My husband was a 2018 DV lottery selected. He entered US on May 1st, 2018. Unfortunately his father was in need of an urgent bypass surgery and on May 8th, 2018, my husband left the states. He didn't have time to get a SSC or wait for the actual Green Card. The Green Card was mailed by our friend to us. He was unable to return to the states ever since. What shalt be done for him to be able to come back to the states. We did not file a I-131 form.
Thank you.


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It’s currently less than one year since he left the US, so he doesn’t need any other document apart from his GC if he returns now.
As I said. He did not have time to get a SSC. He stayed only 7 days in the states. I can't file mine because with out a US mobile number I don't have access the IRS transcripts. And for the next 6 months he will be unable to enter the US.


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Taxes can be filed as married filing jointly without an SSN and amended later. You don't need the transcripts for US entry.

However, being out that long, over 15 months without a reentry permit, could be an issue, especially combined with the fact he was in the US only 7 days.


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Get in touch with US embassy or consulate. Most probably you might have to go through returning resident visa & explain circumstances that held him back in home country.