Green card holder for marriage

Hello, I’m green card holder. Me and my girlfriend want to marry in 3 months. She is living in turkey. If she gets us tourist visa than we marry in usa. Can we apply all processes here and does she stay with me all time?
Or am I should to go to my country than I have to start process in my country. The second option I guess too long process.
And I want my girlfriend to here. what is your advice?
Thank you so much..


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Your girlfriend can come to the US and get married to you but she cannot stay back and AOS. Doing so is a fraudulent misuse of a NIV. She will need to return to Turkey and process CP. Yes it’s a long process and you’ll be apart for a while, there’s no way around that.


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She can apply for a tourist visa, and if approved, can visit and even marry you. Then she returns to her country and continue CP. Everyone waits for the process, that's just how it is for anyone marrying outside the US.

You have been in the USA on an A2 visa for some years now, has she not felt the desire to apply for tourist visa earlier?


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You can marry wherever you want, but she will have to return to or remain at home as above to wait it out. I’m not sure why you think the process will take longer or shorter depending where you marry - it won’t. Also you wouldn’t “start the process in your country” if you marry there, the process is started by you filing an I-130 in the US in both instances. (In light of that, and the fact that I am sure both of you have more family in your home country, it would probably be nicer to get married there?)