Green Card has Expired

Evan Barnes

New Member
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to know if I could got back to the U.S after my green card expired almost three years ago. My mom married a U.S citizen and we migrated to the U.S when I was fourteen years old. We stayed in the U.S for two years and came back to the to my home country which is the Philippines because of financial issues. I wanted to stay in he U.S but my parents would not let me stay, and I could not afford to study in the U.S after graduating from high school. So I decided to come along with my parents and finish my studies in my home country. I got my green card few months before we left the U.S now it has been three years since we left. I am almost twenty now and I wanted to go back to the U.S and stay there, is it possible for me to go back to the U.S with an expired green card? Or am I going to the the process all over again?Or will I ever come back again?

Thank you for noticing.