Green Card for US

Hi Sir,

I am a Canadian Citizen. Currently on a TN Visa in US working FT. I want to know the best and fastest path to get PR. I have been researching into EB3 visa and some folks told me H1B as a canadian (even tho i wasnt born there) I can get PR in 1-2 years max. Problem I am trying to solve here is not me, but for my future spouse who is not american or canadian. If I get married to her today on TN, she wont be able to work and also by not living in Canada cannot apply for PR. So, If I want to live in US, I thought best way is to get PR, so after 1-2 years she can start working and have a status in US. I have also heard EB3 on I-140 petition can take only 15 days. I would really appreciate if you can help clear my thought and other possible ways I can use my Canadian citizenship to solution this?


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You can’t use your Canadian citizenship to get a US permanent residency for yourself or potential spouse. You can look for a US employer who is open to sponsoring you for a GC, which by the way isn’t going to a fast 1 - 2 years process.