Green Card Bond Issue


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I worked for my old employer for more than 6 years & they had filed for my GC processing. They had taken a bond from me that if I leave the company before the GC comes or within 1 year of my GC approval, I'll need to pay $8000 for that. My GC was filed in early 2001. By the way since couple of years my old employer exploited me..he employed me in a place where I had to commute 120 miles a day, spend 12 hours shift & work on weekends.

I requested the old employer to find a job near to my home locally as this job was very taxing on me & also I started developing some serious medical problems. My family started having mental problems as well due to this. My old employer never bothered to do anything for me. Hence I quit. Also my 485 has been filed & I have my EAD thru them. Now the old employer is asking me to pay $8000 for this bond. He has already earned enough money from me during these 6 years, never increased my salary. Please let me know if this is legal. He has also send a summon to me to pay the amount. Can anyone please advise how do we proceed on this?? I just signed 1 page for this green card bond. Also it mentions in the bond that if you resign voluntarily, then you have to pay this amount. But in my case I didnt resign voluntarily..I was forced to quit due to the nature of the job. They were just expoliting me!! Any help will be highly appreciated !!