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Green card and Work from Home

Discussion in 'PERM' started by konquistador, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. konquistador

    konquistador New Member

    Hi, i work directly for a insurance client who holds my H1-B Visa. My wife recently moved to a different state for job reasons. Now i have asked my employer for Work From Home option, so that i can also move to my wife's place. My employer approved of a 60-40 Work From Home arragement, but to be legal i have to pay taxes in both the states(My employer state and my resident state)

    My question is more about my Green Card Process. How does the Work from Home option affect my greencard. My employer is currently about to file a PERM in the state where the company is located, so i wanted to make sure i wont have any issues if on my Pay-Stub it shows that i am paying taxes in 2 states.

    Any advise is appreciated.

  2. del0175

    del0175 Registered Users (C)

    Kon, this situation is quite common when the office is located on the border and one may choose to live in another state to take advantage of lower rents or proximity to friends/family. Where you live generally does not have any impact on your application as long as you are employed with the firm and all the paperwork is in order. Needless to say that you should be good with your taxes. Telecommuting is also pretty standard these days. If you happen to have an interview, you should honestly answer this question. For instance, I live in Massachusetts but could easily hold a job in CT, RI, or NH; maybe long commutes but doable.

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